The real clothes movement

I guess economic crisis made fashion designer realize that they cannot depend on the “hip factor” and their logo impact anymore. Women today do not have the luxury to make impulsive consumer decisions, just because they soooo adored an item in a fashion editorial; to the contrary, they search for clothes they can keep for more than a season.

So, fashion industry’s response is the “real clothes” movement. Fashion designers emphasize on good quality and classic clothes, which are meant to be kept in the closet for many years.

On that context, it seems that the next big fashion quest is not the future huge trend (aka leggings, fur, thigh-high boots), but “icon” items, that are both versatile & classic. No wonder that the January issue of british Vogue dedicated a whole editorial to the secret charm of the silk shirt.










photo: Akris SS 2011,

I believe that fashion designers have found the best way to convince us it is still a good idea to spend money on “it-clothing” (should we rename them to “forever-clothing”?), so I guess the next big business trend is “clothing for a reason”, meaning clothes that prove themselves worthy of our money. Personally, I expect to see a lot of editorial on the virtues of cashmere, patent leather and simple lines.

P.S. On fashion trends we are to forget, under the real clothes movement, read the magnificent post from  Giota Tachtara, at Ermoumag.

  1. yes, you are absolutely right! Prada e.g. focuses on local artisans in an attempt to emphasize on quality, making clothes and accessories one can feel connected with, rather that locking them in the closet once the season is over. (luxury with the literal meaning of the word)
    You can also see simpicity and no fuss attitude spreading into high street fashion as well! I’m very curious to see how this will end up!

  2. I totally agree with you and I also liked the chloe ss ’11 collection. Simple, minimal, elegant..


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