Asos; A story of a lost order

I’ve been in a blog-o-coma for the last six months. The main reason was my heavy workload (my job involves a lot of writing, so the last thing I wanted to do, at the end of a hard day, was to sit in front of the computer again, and write).

But that’s not the whole story; I’ve been thinking a lot about the meaning of fashion blogging, and I thought that Stylesheet19 lacked a clear positioning amongst the large number of greek fashion blogs. At the beginning of the fashion blogging trend, posting your outfits and write your own ideas about fashion was enough. Well, not anymore, at least not for me; I am jealous of bloggers like Man Repeller, whose blog has a clear identity and stands out. So, I’m thinking that, from now on, I will focus more on the business of fashion, from my point of view as a shopper. And I will write in English, as you may have probably guessed right now.

Of course, nothing can urge a blogger to begin writing again more than her wish to complain about something (greek politics bloggers are the living proof of that cliché). In my case, the motive was my unbelievable story of as Asos Order.

It all started with that skirt. Lovely, perfect for Christmas











and so Chanel pre-fall 2010












So I placed my order in Asos, pleasantly surprised by the zero delivery fees, due to a site’s Christmas offer.  My order was dispatched the day after, 13 December, and, by that time, I was thinking that Asos validated its nomination as the most influential retailer of 2010.

And then, there was the British snow, causing major delays in the deliveries of Asos. According to, deliveries in Greece are to be sent within the next 7 working days; being on the 9th working day, I thought it was time for me to contact with Asos’ customer care team.

The omens were good; after all Asos urges us to contact them via email, declaring their commitment to answer it within 60 minutes.

I was kind of disappointed  for  Asos not informing  me about the delay with an email, since I was not able to track my order on standard shipping (an option offers to its customers). However, I guess it must have been impossible, even for the most influential retailer of 2010, to inform all Christmas shoppers via email about delivery delays; after all, their declarations of commitment assured me of the quality of Asos’ customer care.

And then I waited. I waited for 60 minutes, refreshing constantly my hotmail page. That went on for 5 hours. I was beginning to feel frustrated; my credit card had been charged, the order had not arrived, and Asos kept me in the dark. I was thinking that the speakers of the E-Commerce Conference (hold the irony of the conference’s title) I was organizing in December 17 had no problem flying from snowy London to Athens, so what was wrong with my Asos order? Moreover, the shipment address is my work address and my office will be closed next week, for Christmas. It was impossible for me to receive my order next week.

Since the proposed by Asos medium did not work, I decided to try my second best option, twitter. But Asos kept ignoring me.  They finally decided to deal with my situation, after my angry tweet reply to a fellow Spanish fashionista, who was dealing with the same Asos problems.

They encouraged me to tweet Asos_HeretoHelp for an inquiry; so I guessed that email is not the best way to address Asos customer care team, and the trick to catch their attention is REALLY negative criticism.  I was under the impression that dealing with an angry customer is not a good customer care policy, just like abortion is not much of contraception method.

But, let’s stay positive, Asos finally answered me that my order may delay until 30 December, and I should contact them again, if I had not received my order until 4 January!

Ok, let’s acknowledge the fact that they took interest in my case; I thought that that was the prerequisite for the most influential retailer of 2010, but, ok again, desperate times, desperate solutions.  So, I had a final question; how should I receive my order in my work address next week, when my office will be closed? Was it possible for me to change the delivery address?

Unfortunately NO! A tweet for Asos_HeretoHelp (irony again) informed me that they cannot amend the delivery address, since it has been sent through AirMail, an non-trackable service.

I was furious! Furious! It is ok for them to ask for my understanding, because of the weather condition, but they cannot find a solution for me not being able to receive my order! But, then again, I decided to be consensual; surely it must be very hard, even for the most influential retailer of 2010, to handle that much traffic in their e-shop, with all Christmas shoppers wondering where their orders are. So, what did Asos do to handle with the augmented e-shop traffic? THEY THROW A SALE! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Let me clarify that I am not mad at Asos not being able to deliver my order, due to the weather, but for their poor handling of the situation, totally incompatible with their famous customer care values.

Dear Asos, a commitment is like marriage; it is valid in sickness and in health, in sunshine and in snow. I hope the recent crisis makes you rethink the way you work; otherwise, I can think of many adjectives replacing the “influential” in your accreditation.

P.S; Evion2000 tweeted me about a «generic e-mail reply». I guess, I have just received mine, informing me that «To allow for any postal delays, we do ask that you allow an extra 7 working days for your delivery on top of the above timescale. In the unlikely event your order is not delivered by 30/12/2010 please let us know as we can then look into this and find the best resolution for you. It might also be useful to know that this parcel is due to be delivered by your domestic postal service and a tracking number is not available for this package.»

Ok, so who’s to blame; bad weather, standard dealy policies or my local postal services? And what about the Asos tweet about bad weather? People, at least have the decency to align your twitter and email response teams!

  1. Firstly i am so glad you are back blogging cause you have been missed! 🙂
    Now as far as the ASOS order is concerned i was about to order some gifts and then because of the weather conditions i decided not to. I am so glad i did!
    What you are describing is at one hand logical but at the same time is not. It is purely bad customer service and of course careless service! I mean why the heck are you throwing a sale when you can even deliver what people have already ordered?
    But of course because you are realizing that you are loosing customers. You throw a sale and they don’t care anymore when their goods are going to be delivered.

    Anyway…excuse the long comment and hopefully your order will arrive soon…although i am pretty sure is going to be too little too late.

    • irina

      Thalia, first of all, thank you for your kind words. Good to be back!
      Asos’ biggest mistake is that they make promises they can’t keep. Tesco, perhaps the most influential retailer of all times, keeps it simple; its promise is «every little helps», and, according to CEO Sir Terry Leahy, «that affirmation encourages everyone at Tesco to give their best». That’s all!
      As for the sale, it reveals that the biggest value proposition of Asos is «cheap clothes, low prices». So, when dealing with frustrated customers, they throw a Dr. Livingstone inspired solution; little mirrors and fake jewelleries to the natives, aka a big sale on the affordable Asos clothing line. It is not bad, but they must decide what kind of retailer they are, and what kind of promises they make

  2. I’ve been waiting for an order of mine for days now and I contacted them today to see what’s going on. I placed the order on the 16th of December and I paid for express delivery so that I’d be sure that it would arrive before Christmas. Of course that was impossible due to the weather conditions so I waited and waited until I realised that the tracking details had not been updated since the 23d of December.
    So, I twitted them and they said they e-mailed DPD to see what’s going on.

    Anyway, lets talk about the tights now. The one’s I’m wearing in the picture are from Calzedonia. They’re the thickest they’ve got and the seam is not really visible, maybe you should try those. If I find anything else I’ll let you know!


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